What is a sound identity and why is it important for brands to think about custom sonic branding and brand music for videos?

A corporate sound identity is usage of custom sonic branding and brand music for videos and other brand touchpoints. A holistic corporate identity is perceived with all five senses.  And »design« cannot be reduced to its visual appearance. It makes sense to consider the sound dimension of a corporate design – the corporate sound identity.

Increasingly, many brands and firms are expanding their Sound ID with additional auditory brand elements and using the potential of corporate sound and sound branding.

Many companies have become aware of this topic through current developments such as podcasting, voice assistance systems or video communication.

As a corporate sound agency, audity GmbH support B2C as well as B2B companies in adding the acoustic dimension to their brand.

Here we show you what possibilities there are:

Corporate Sound als Employer Branding Maßnahme

What are the main factors for an efficient briefing for a custom sonic branding and brand music for videos?

1. the right time to think about sonic branding and brand music

It makes sense for a brand to deal with the topic of »corporate sound« when it uses audio-visual communication measures (e.g. video productions). The sonic branding agency ideally builds on an existing brand or corporate positioning.

With the help of different translation methods and tools, we at audity develop a basic concept for the future sonic branding and brand music together with the responsible lead agency and the client.

You can find out more here: audity process

2. creation of a »creative scope«

Create creative scope for experimentation and thus enable innovation. A brand is as individual as a person. Only if sufficient freedom is created can an audible corporate design remain alive.

3. acceptance and commitment

For a corporate sound concept to be successfully implemented, it is important to create broad acceptance for the new brand topic. The most important stakeholders and decision-makers should therefore be involved in a corporate sound identity process.

4. ease of implementation

For a successful implementation of corporate sound elements, it is important to provide the future users of the sound elements with simple tools for deployment and use. This can be done, for example, in the form of browser-based sound tools.

Here you will find the audity solutions

Brand Music Examples

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