This is the most optimized modern corporate soundtrack — royalty free — you will find in the internet.

This modern corporate soundtrack was developed by a professional company, specialized in sonic branding. It was composed for the usage in corporate video productions (explainer videos, corporate image, product videos, snack videos, corporate movies and many more).

The development of the track is based on 15 years of experience in the corporate music production and an intensive desktop research analysis of the best performing corporate stock music tracks of the last 3 years. The detected musical patterns were used for the composition and the positioning of the hybrid genre mixture.

Audio-visual impression »feeling«

Audio-visual impression »moment«

The reasons why this is the most optimized modern corporate soundtrack you will find on the internet:

The hybrid mood consists of mixture of timeless elements in combination of a »Zeitgeist« sound.

The mood is corporate, modern, progressive, calm, serious, professional, organic + synthetic, »Nils Frahm Style« and natural.

The composition principles behind this soundtrack makes it possible to apply the track to almost all corporate video formats.

Its intentional repetition elements in contrast to the breaks convey emotional elements and create »goose bumps« moments.


259,00 EUR online only usage (temporary unlimited)

699,00 EUR online + TV (temporary unlimited)

8.999,00 EUR total buyout, all media, exclusive rights

Contact us if you want to use the track:

Martin Schiessler
+ 49 (0) 75 31 36 38 524