Brand Sound Identity for Roland.

Dear brand decision makers from Roland,

our experience in the field of brand sound should be of interest to a great company like Roland.

Roland sets the standard in producing simple tools for creativity and therefore is a desirable brand. You communicate with a strict corporate identity and corporate design.

But Roland also sounds – beside the Products – in the Webvideos, Podcasts, Online Events and many more

What we are saying is that brands sound, if they want or not, at every touch point with customers and business partners. We are sure we can leverage your brand recall and recognition and hence contribute to your growth and profit.

If you are interested just let us know and we’ll provide you with information and some interesting case studies which you will enjoy.

Yours sincerely,
Rainer Hirt (CEO, Audity GmbH)

Selected Projects

Teufel stands for demanding quality standards in acoustics and optics. With high-quality products and passion for sound, Teufel intensifies the experiences of its customers. We have been accompanying Teufel as a partner for brand & UX sound since 2018 and created clear and functionally understandable UX sounds, which are used across the devices, contribute to a better understanding of the function and a holistic product experience.

Loewe Technologies is a German manufacturer of entertainment and communication technology. The company was founded in Berlin in 1923 and is regarded as the inventor of television. We develop functional sounds for the LOEWE brand and its products since 2017.

Our Creative Process



Brand values, supply, markets, benchmarks and competition are analysed observing auditive aspects.



Acoustic parameters of the future brand sound and UX sound are defined in a workshop.



Creation of different layouts are based on the results of the workshop. Collective selection of the sound.



Arrangement of the brand and UX sound elements for the defined fields of application.



Guidance with the integration into the current media or product. Creation of the guidelines.