Custom sound packs for brands

A »sound pack« is a library of music parts and sound effects for the media usage, mostly in video productions.

When a brand relies on sonic branding, customised soundpacks are required.

Why brands need a sonic branding agency at all? Brands are mostly perceived with more than just one senses. In the last years, there was a focus on visual brand design. Increasingly, many brands and companies are expanding their brand idenity and awareness with additional auditory brand elements and using the potential of sonic branding.

For many brands, this emotional branding element has become relevant due to current developments such as podcasting, voice assistance systems or video communication.

Especially for video productions, fast and efficient solutions are essential. »Sound packs« are a flexible and modular solution. Wwe at audity are specialised in the development and production of customised sound packs for brands.

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The 4 key factors for the successful use of sound packs for brands:

1. the right timing to start with the development

As soon as the positioning and a strategy of a brand is defined, the audible translation of the brand values into audible parameters should be considered.  With the help of different translation methods and tools, we work out a basic concept for the future sonic branding. Find out more here: audity process.

Based on the brand sound concept, the custom sound packs can be developed.

Custom Sound Packs for brands consists of:


Soundtracks (Stems)


Voice prompts

2. The importance of acceptance and commitment

In order to implement this sound pack results successfully in the brand communication, it is first relevant to create a acceptance for sonic branding at all and the long run benefits . The most important stakeholders for the media production (videographer, editors etc.) and brand decision makers (brand directors, marketing directors, VP design etc.) should therefore ideally be involved in the development process.

3. Tools for implementation

It is important to make the implementation of the sound pack elements as simple as possible. Future users of the sound packs should be given simple tools by the sonic branding agency to create music and sound for videos and other touchpoints. This can be done, for example, in the form of browser-based music tools.

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