Twitch alert sounds for brands: why brands should think about Twitch alert sounds.

Twitch, and other streaming formats, offer an ideal platform for using targeted  (live) content marketing solutions.
During a livestream which the viewer can actively interact with the influencer, there are numerous possibilities to link the brand to positive moments of the stream. For example, if the viewer donates to the streamer, a certain sound is heard – a twitch alert sound. The brand has the option of adding its own sonic branding to these moments, so that the viewer keeps the brand in positive memory.

At audity, we are specialized in creating the custom Twitch alert sounds for brands. In cooperation with streamers, creators and brands, we develop a sonic strategy that reflects the brand and the individuality of the streamer and makes the live stream an experience.

Traditional advertising channels such as TV and even YouTube are becoming less important for the target group of 18 to 34 year olds that is difficult to reach. This interactive target group is increasingly enjoying streaming formats with live videos and live chat interaction. The best known streaming platform is Twitch. A number of large companies and brands have already registered how influential Twitch is. They present product presentations in the form of interactive live streams with the help of influencers and content creators. It is well known that these creators are placed in much more trust by their target group than the companies themselves. They are believed when they rate a product positively.

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